White & whole grain bread with dip

Cold Appetizers


Fish roe spread salad

Eggplant salad

Fava with spring onion

“Mostra” rusk with strong Mykonian cheese

Tuna tartar with pickles, spring onion, egg, pineapple mayonnaise & wasabi

Marinated sea bass with citrus fruits


Hot Appetizers

Zucchini balls

Meatballs with yogurt dip & French fries

Wrapped feta cheese in spring rolls with honey & sesame seeds

French fries

“Talagani” cheese with grilled tomato on pita bread

“Shrimps saganaki “with fresh tomato sauce & feta cheese



Seasonal local greens

Greek salad with marinated oregano flavoured rusk

Salad with rocket, tomato, soft cheese & pear-cinnamon dressing

Mixed green salad with sundried tomato, feta cheese & balsamic vinegar dressing

Green salad with chicken, bacon, mango, parmesan cheese and fresh mango dressing

«EVITA PERON» with pineapple, beetroot, carrot, green apple, walnuts & pineapple mayonnaise

“APERANTO GALAZIO” with grilled sea food & honey dressing


Aperanto Galazio Suggestions

Veal liver pane with sesame seeds, balsamic vinegar and honey sauce & mashed potato

Pepper steak filet with mashed potato flavored with truffle oil

Salmon fillet with Martini saffron sauce

Risotto with fresh tomatoes, goat cheese and basil


On the grill

Pork steak “Giant” with French fries

Chicken leg fillet with sweet & sour sauce and mashed sweet potato

Beef steak with bernel sauce (650gr)

Traditional Greek dishes


Pork “tigania”

Beef casserole with pasta, fresh tomato sauce & French fries

pork casserole with lemon sauce & spaghetti


Lamb in the pitcher (for 2 people)



Orzo casserole with seafood

Penne with chicken, porcini mushrooms, smoked cheese, leek & truffle oil


Papardeles with veal scallops, mushrooms, truffle oil & pecorino cheese

Linguine with vegetable pesto

Lobster pasta (per kilo)


From the sea

Marinated anchovies on croutons with caper & sea fennel

Fried anchovies with onion

Fried squid

Stuffed calamari with feta cheese, tomato, green pepper, carrot & anice

Steamed mussels with lemon or mustard


Fresh fish


Comfort plates

BEEF BURGER with cheese, BBQ, bacon, mushrooms, onion, pickles & french fries

CLUB SANDWIDCH CLASSIC with french fries

CLUB SANDWIDCH with chicken & french fries



Meat variety in skewer 240gr (for 2 or 4 persons)

Sea food variety (for 2 or 4 persons)

Delicatessen platter



Chocolate soufflé

Cheese cake with blueberries

Banoffee dulce de leche


Lemon tart