Fish roe salad

Eggplant salad

Crab salad

«Fava» with octopus carpaccio

«Mostra» rusk with strong Mykonian cheese

Wrapped feta cheese in spring rolls with honey & sesame seeds

French fries

«SINFUL» potatoes with yogurt sauce

Mastelo Chiou on pita bread & tomato

Fried pecorino cheese with strawberry sauce

Chang Hai Rolls with minced crab

Beef carpaccio with rocket, parmesan & pistachio


Aperanto Galazio Choice

Veal liver with balsamic & honey served with mashed potato

Pork tenderloin with mustard & orange sauce

Pepper steak

Papardeles with veal scallops & truffle

Lamb shank with lemon balm sauce & papardeles

Salmon fillet with Martini sauce, saffron & black wild rice

Shrimps with an egg-lemon & ouzo sauce & grilled zucchini


From the earth to the grill

Grilled sausage with french fries

Marinated pork «souvlaki»

Chicken leg «souvlaki» with paprika & tarragon

Pagiar burger with sautéed vegetables & cheese

Marinated beef “souvlaki”

T-bone – 480-520gr

Argentinean Picanha Meat





Vegetarian with pesto, sun dried tomato, capers & feta cheese

«Paezano» with chicken, bacon, tomato & cream

Tortellini with goat cheese & red peppers

Orzo casserole with crayfish

Sea food pasta

Lobster pasta (per kilo)



Risotto with octopus & sun dried tomatoes

Risotto with wild mushrooms and truffle oil

Risotto with sea food, tarragon & Malibu


Greek salad with marinated oregano flavoured rusk

Salad with tomato, rocket, soft goat’s cheese & capers

Classic CEASAR’S salad

Mixed salad with sun-dried tomato, feta cheese & balsamic dressing

«EVITA PERON» with pineapple, beetroot, carrot, green apple & walnuts

«QUINOA SALAD» with sundried fruit & avocado mousse

«APERANTO GALAZIO» with grilled sea food & honey dressing



«Tigania» with fried pork

«Tigania» with chicken drumstick


Pork nuggets with tarragon



BEEF BURGER with cheese, BBQ, bacon, mushrooms, onion, pickles / with egg


From the sea

Marinated anchovies on croutons with caper & sea fennel

Anchovies, or smelt with fried onion

Fried squid

Mussels with mustard

«Ceviche» fresh marinated fish fillet


From the sea to the grill



Stuffed Squid


Sea bream /Marc per kilo

Sea bass per kilo

Sea bream per kilo



Meat variety (for 2 or 4 persons)

Sea food variety (for 2 or 4 persons)

Delicatessen platter



Chocolate soufflé

Mango cheese cake

Ice cream with warm blueberries

Mocha tart with strawberry sorbet

Banoffee dulce de leche